Has anyone compared the Joseph Audio Pearl Speaker

Has anyone actually compared the Joseph Audio Pearl Speaker with Anything?

Everything ever written about the Pearl has been very favorable - It won a "best of show" a time or two. In the Audio Mags, the folks who report on the shows always remark that the Joseph Pearl "was making beautiful music" or something of the sort. You see allusions to the Pearl in the reviews of other speakers always implying that the Pearl is something special.

One would think that it must be a wonderful speaker - - - but - - - no one has reviewed it. Very little is written about it.

Enter Joseph Pearl on Google and only a very few references appear.

Is it as good as an Avalon Eidolon, a Wilson Watt/Puppy 7, the B&W 800, Dynaudio C-4, Eggleston Andra II, JM Labs Alto Utopia, Sonus Faber Amati, or any of the other near $20K speakers that proliferate the audio scene?

It would really be interesting to finally get comparative information on this wonderful (?) speaker.

Help Please!
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I agree. Very little press on their statement speaker. To make matters worse, their Web site is horrendous!
heard it compared to the dalis...... both are nice... the pearls are pretty amazing..
I heard the Pearls in San Francisco a couple of years ago, where I believe they won best in show, and I would agree with that. Since I had trade passes, we could go into demos without a lot of waiting and get good seating. So I was able to compare liberally with the other speakers I was interested in - Avantgarde Trios. The rooms and equipment were very different, but they were both very suitable for their respective speakers.

They were both truly spectacular speakers in their own ways and I found the Trios to be very exciting, but I decided ultimately that if I had to actually LIVE with one, I'd choose the Pearls. I felt they'd be a little less "engaging" but on the other hand utterly non-fatiguing. The Trios seemed like they might get irritating for more than moderate duration, totally dedicated, eyes-closed listening.

So yes, I'd say they are wonderful - and like the Trios, they really ARE a technically innovative design that justifies the price, not a few off-the-shelf drivers with 4th order X-overs, screwed into a pretty box like some of the other contenders.