Has anyone compared the HT Truth-Links to AZ WOWs

I am currently auditioning the Truth-Links and am finding that the bass and mid range are great, the detail is wonderful, however in my system, the loss of the high frequencies is too noticeable. I am thinking of trying the Acoustic Zen WOWs. Can anyone comment on the differences they heard between the two interconnects?

Greg, try the HT Pro Silway MkIIs...they have a much less colored sound than the Truthlinks, and have more extension on the highs as well. They can be had for around $200 on the used market. I have not tried the "WOW" cables from Acoustic Zen, but have tried their Silver Reference cables. Hope this helps...
i have used the pro silways with success between my pre amp and amp and with the phono pre amp but it was not good with the CD. In that position there was more detail but a harsh glare to go with it and a lack of midrange body. I found them to be quickly fatiquing. The base was more detailed with the silways but not as full or deep...still liked them more than the truthlinks because the bass line was more defined. Thats not to say the truth links are one note bass just the silways are better. I went with the truth links for everything but the phono side of the system for the fuller body...sounds much more realistic to me and was a lot cheaper than the silways for the 25 ft run between the amp and pre. Sometimes i do wish i had the silways for that long run because that mix provided a good balance in my system. any cheap 25 footers out there?? If you buy used and don't like them you can always get your money back. good luck
Thanks for the responses. I think it might help if I was more specific about my goals. I just got started putting together a HT/Music system and I am trying to bring it up to snuff piece by piece. I am trying to find interconnects which will work between the DVD player and preamp and another set for between the preamp and the power amp, but not reference grade cables. I've been spending a lot on other components and so I am attempting to get an OK interconnect, nothing spectacular, because my long range plan is to move these cables to between my cable TV and VCR and the preamp and get Acoustic Zen for my main source, the DVD player and then another run connecting the pre and power amp. I'm getting the Acoustic Zen when I can find them used which I am expecting will take a while. I'm not really sure my VCR or cable are worthy of the ProSilways, or at least that I will gain enough to make it worthwhile. Any thoughts?