Has anyone compared the following cables please?

Synergistic resolution reference, Purist Audio Venustas, Audience AU24, Ridge Street Poiema!! and Nordost SPM's. I am looking for a warm sounding cable with lots of detail.
i have the au24's and ridge street poiema! i wouldn't describe either as extremely warm but in my system the au24 is warmer. in my buddies system the ridge street is warmer. if your're looking for a good warm cable i would suggest cardas golden cross.

aloha keith
I've owned Poeima, Pure Note, Audience AU24, on and on. All were very good. What may REALLY surprise you however, is the performance of the VH Audio Pulsars. Revealing, never brittle, beautiful sound. And- the icing- considerably more affordable than the Poeima or Audience.

Good Luck.
I just posted a review of the Purist. You should audition it based on what you're asking for.

What components are you using?
I also did a shootout with Vanustas, SPM, etc, etc. that you can check out............ I recommend the Cable Co.'s lending library for cable comparisons.
Hard to get it all. I have used Pure Note, Audience, and Nordost. Pure Note had the closest to what you are looking for, detail with smoothness. Cardas Ref. is warm but bloated as a comparison. YMMV. FWIW.
Thank you all for taking the time to post your replies, they have been very helpful. If money was no object, I am leaning towards the PA Venustas. However, the discussions are now making me think again about the interconnects I have almost settled for - Nordost Valkyrja. I find them extremely clean and revealing, which perhaps is at the root of my problem. What makes matters worse is that I've been offered a really good deal on them and since I haven't heard anything else that provides the same level of clarity, I am reluctant to give them up. This begs the question, are there any cheaper I/C cables out there which offer the same type of performance as the Nordost's but with a bit more bass weight/warmth?