Has anyone compared the ECT Dac to the CD Player?

Has anyone who has the New Dac, using a very good transport, compared it to the latest Electrocompaniet EMC MK2 CD Player? How close is it to the CD Player? How is the Dac different? Is it worth buying the Dac? Please let me know..Thanks..Jerry
Sorry that I can't answer your question comparing the two pieces but I just bought the ECD 1 to use with my CDP. The dac is absolutly remarkable. I think it is the single biggest improvement I've made in my system. I would say that if you have a good CDP now use it as a transport and go for the dac and a good digital cable. I would like to compare the Elec.CDP to the ECD 1 also but I can't imagine the difference could be worth the price difference. I would also love to compare my new digital front end to SACD playing red book. The dac is really, really good and I encourage you to listen to it.
Loki1957, I have a Sony 777ES SacD I use as a transport(which is great as a transport) I'm using a modified Art Dio as a dac. The Art Dio/Sony combination sounded much better than the Sony playing regular cds or Sacds. I bought the ECT dac(i will get it next week). I want to see if the ECT dac sounds better than the Art Dio. Then i will see if the winner dac sounds better than the Sony playing SACDs(like before). The Sony is a great transport but not a very good CD player.Last, but not least i'm curious how much I'm missing by using the Sony as a Transport with the ECT dac vs. The ECT CD Player!!!!!