Has anyone compared the Constellation Taurus amp to the Luxman M-900

I have heard good comments about  both the Constellation Taurus and the Luxman M900 amps.  Has anyone compared these amps, particularly on Martin Logans or other full range stats such as the Sound Labs.
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I have not had the pleasure of hearing Constellation gear yet. But I have a huge interest it because John Curl is on their design team and that guy has a hard time doing anything wrong. I love the way his stuff sounds from Mark Levinson to Parasound. I have heard Luxman M900 amps and I have to say they are a premium  hunk of metal. It is hard to fault them in any serious way except when you put them up against the Parasound JC-1 an amp that costs 1/4 of the Luxman and has a certain quality, a John Curl quality that I find intoxicating. On the other hand the Constellation gear is very expensive, way on the other side of the Luxman which just might make the Luxman a better value. The JC-1 of course is no longer available but I understand there will be a replacement. My primary interest is in the Orion Phono stage as Curl was the primary designer. It is also (gulp) $80K :(
At any rate I would never go for either amp without an audition. For that kind of money I would go anywhere within the continental US to hear them. However I seriously doubt you could go wrong with either amplifier.
Either amp is completely capable of driving your Martin Logans. Most people would probably never be able to tell the difference in sound quality.