Has anyone compared the CJ ET3 to the Premier 17LS

Like the question above, I was wondering if anyone has owned the CJ Premier 17LS and heard the ET3, and mentally, or physically compared the two? I would still give the nod to the Premier 17, but this "baby" GAT thing has me wondering. (Does Conrad Johnson realize that "GAT" is a slang term for a gun?)
Thanks for the help!
Hi...i would be interested in hearing what you think if you get a chance to hear them/compare them.

I have not heard either, but i have owned CJ pres for over a dozen years straight, and know many friends who own CJ incl Prem 16, 17, ART 1, 2, 3 and GAT. I am fortunate to have found GAT at demo price, and so know it quite well.

Having understood the ET3 is quite close to GAT at much less cost, and Prem 17 is below Prem 16 which is below ART...i would guess that might well bode in the favor of the ET3. Why? because i know at least 3 people who own GAT who also owned ART 3...and unanimously said the GAT is far superior.

I would actually ask how well the ET3 would compete with the original ART 1.

AGain, this is all conjecture based on experience with CJ, owning GAT and knowing a number of people who have owned 16, 17, ART and GAT.

i also noted no one else had responded, and thought at least it might give you some food for thought while you wait for others to respond. Good luck and pls post if you compare them.
Thanks for the insights. I have been really happy with my Premier 17 and like the balance feature plus the "brick" remote. Of course, like most audiophiles, the "change" bug bites me every so often. One tube in a preamp is also intriguing. I might just get a ET3 and do the comparisons myself as I am sure I could sell either one fairly easily.
Again, my thanks for the reply.
Hi Zkidd,

If you get the ET3, please post your comparison!!! While i suspect I might be happier with the ET3, i also know that newer is not always better. In fact, my system was virtually the definition of older SOTA equipment for years until i fortunately came across some newer demo units.

i also am confident that the Premier 17 is one helluva a great preamp, having always enjoyed my CJ equipment.

good luck! 2 great choices, and please keep us posted.
Hi Zkidd,

No doubt you will have seen there are 2 ET3s available on AGon at the moment...different voltages depending on where you are in the world. Good luck.
Any of you guys still listening to an ART (1,2,3), ACT (1,2) or ET-3 (SE)?