Has anyone compared SP16 to C2200 ... ?

Has anyone compared SP16 to C2200 ... or C22/C22 reissue ?
As it also uses 12AX7 tubes ...

My SP16 is mated with a Mc275CE and an ARC VT50
and I would like to upgrade to the MC2200
the 2200 beats both the others...although i own the c22 reissue.
Hi Jrd351
What are your amp and speakers ?
I have Tannoy : 615, D700, Turnberry, etc ...

May you give more details about "C22reissue vs C2200" ?
i use the c22 with an mc2102. the c2200 throws a larger soundstage and doesn't roll off on the highest frequencies. like the 16 it has a great deal of detail, but it retains more tube sweetness. the c22 has been in my system for almost a decade, and although (through a lengthy audition)i know the 2200 is a better performer, i've grown too fond of the re-issue to part with it. the phono section is also great. speakers are gradient revolutions...front end(s)..mcd205/thorens jubalee.
Question for emile.......how do you like the 615 as compared to your d700 and turnberry
Hi Arthurmail

The 615 has the same type of "sound" as the D700, but lacks 3D, imaging compared to the latter : it has only a 8" vs 10" Dual Concentric driver.

The Turnberry is more smooth compared to 615 and d700, which are closer to System 800 and 10DMTII, that I have also.
Perhaps due to the paper cone ?

Furthermore, the 615 looks like a Darth Vader's starfighter ;-) !