Has anyone compared Oyaide against FIM

I've heard Oyaide outlets and PC connectors and really like them. I've just heard that FIM and their outlets and PC connectors are really good too.

Has anyone compared the two, and what were your thoughts?
I sold my FIMs after installing the Oyaides. I then installed cryo-ed Oyaides.

The build quality of the FIMs and Oyaide outlets are probably the best both from a workmanship and materials perspective. But the Oyaides appear to be the better.

The non-cryo-ed Oyaides provided a slightly silkier and more detailed highs over the FIMs. The cryo-ed version Oyaides provided even greater detail.

The only negative I'm aware of is that Oyaide does not yet make any parts for 20 amp. Only 15 amp.

I purchased all my cryo-ed Oyaide outlets, plugs, and IEC connectors from www.cryo-parts.com.


Thanks! I just heard about FIM's yesterday and didn't know anything about them.

Right now I have one Oyaide outlet for my system, am having Alan Kafton upgrade my Power Wing XP with three more, and I'm having two power cords made with Oyaide connectors. I was hoping that I made the right move, not doing something and finding out that I didn't research it enough.

But Alan Kafton (The Cable Cooker), Robert Maicks (Star Sound Technologies), Michael Wolff (Michael Wolff Cables), Joe Cohen (Prana Wire), and so many others are raving about the Oyaides. So I thought that was a good path to travel.

Who's Robert Maicks? :)
Robert Maicks is the president of Star Sound Technologies( at least he was when I last talked to him a couple of years ago). I had a FIM outlet a while back and for my system it was a little too warm and slightly lacking in dynamics. I haven't tried the Oyaides yet, but I am currently happy with some Porter Ports.
I can confirm Stehno's experience. I just switched from the FIM to an cryoed Oyaide outlet from Alan. Definately an upgrade and a very noticable one at that. Money well spent.
Sherod, I actually know Robert fairly well. Since Krell man owns a number of Star Sound products, I thought it was funny for me to pose the question of "Who's Robert Maicks?"

Well, it seemed funny 7 months ago when I typed it on a whim.

Disc, my new cryo-treated Furutech outlets should arrive today or tomorrow.