Has anyone compared Lumin the U1 Mini to the U2 Mini?

What are your thoughts about the two? Is the sound quality that much better?  Is the price difference worth it?

The rest of the system is Denafrips Pontus ll > Hegel H390 > KEF Reference 5 speakers.



Not to high jack,  but does anyone know if Lumin devices can access my Vault 2i  music library through the network?  I am trying to narrow down my next streamer .

I cannot speak specifically to the Lumin, but my experience has been that double the cost and typically you get a large improvement in sound quality assuming the rest of your system is of similar or greater quality. Lumin is well regarded. It is extremely unlikely they would have two models without commiserate sound quality differences. If they did the forums and reviews would point it out.


I have experience with streamers at the $1K, $2K, $3K, $5K, $10K, and the most impressive streamer I have ever heard which has the same sound quality of my excellent analog rig the Aurrender W20SE… ($22K) I found the latter to be a bargain in terms of sound quality.. altough it is the most expensive component. You can see my systems under my ID.

Well there you go! The reviewer loved it and heard a substantial improvement over the U1 Mini. So could be worth a shot!!!