Has anyone compared Jolida JD 100 to Sony ES 5400

Need know anyone has comapred this to Jolida 100 .. tried searching the forum, but was unable to get Jolida and 5400 on the same thread.

I have Joilda 100 (modified) for last 5-6 years, happy with the Jolida sound but have few SACDs as well and looking for player with SACD/CD capability trying to figure out is it worth getting Sony XA 5400 ES, will it be improvement over Joilda 100 for playing CDs. other components are

Odyssey - tempest, Stratos, and Usher CP 6381 speakers.

I used to own the jolida and liked it until I upgraded my other equipment and it just could not hang with the upgrades anymore. It was replaced with a used audio note 2.1x cd player. The audio note was much better in every way. I bought the Sony last Christmas and it continues to amaze me with sacd and rebook. At first I liked the audio note better but as the Sony broke in (I think it still is after almost a year of daily listening) I stopped using the audio note. I would put the Sony up against ANY cd player on the market, it's that good...
Thanks a lot for the response, actually I ordered the Sony and waiting for the delivery, any recommendations on power cord or break in (?) of the sony player.

Haven't tried different pc's but it really likes silver interconnects. Big difference between an-vx and an-Lexus, where the difference with other players was not as dramatic...