has anyone compared Cat JL 1 to Cat JL2

a direct comparison,
Nope,but at 8k extra, I'll just bet there are differences.
Yeah, like 8K + tax for starters... ;^)

(Hey George, whudya expect with a genius response like that?!)
You may want to go to Arthur Salvatore's website where there is some commentary on these two amps. According to info on the site, a listener of both felt the JL-2 was superior. I think Ken Stevens thinks so too.
I never did compare the two but I purchased another 125lb monoblock instead. After purchasing the atma-sphere I haven't looked back....YET. Well maybe a few times.
My JL-2 arrived last week and is fantastic, but I never heard the JL-1. I understand the JL-2 has a teflon circuit board which makes a sound difference over the JL-1. I don't understand why.
Suttlaw, what amplifier did you have before? What are the improvements brought by the JL2?