Has anyone compared Ayre K-1x to Pass X-1

I am considering buying one of these two ss Preamps and was curious if anyone had had the opportunity to compare them. I am using Pass X-600 mono's to drive my Amati's. Which of the two are warmer sounding? If anyone can give me an idea of the basic sonic differences between the two I would appreciate it. Thank you for your feedback.
Tgyeti, I just got a new-in-box X1 for a decent price. Haven't received it yet. What are your impressions of the high and low end extension, transient speed, and clarity of the music? I've heard the X2.2 and thought it was pretty darned good in these areas without giving away any musical realism.
I'm sorry but I'm not sure exactly how to answer your question as I'm not that well versed in audiophile terminology, ha! All high & low ends sound realistic and nothing jumps out at me as being out of place. I don't have a clue as to what "transient speed" is, sorry.
Rookie Audiophile. I just love music :-)

Annnnnddd back to the question:
Has anyone compared Ayre K-1x to Pass X-1?

mynquestion to the post: What type of sound do you want from your pre?

I love the way the X1 presents the music.  Imo, underrated preamp.
The Ayre K-1x is a fantastic preamp, better than that KX-5.  I haven't spent much time with the Twenty version however.

Between it and the Pass X-1 I give the nod to the Ayre.  The X-1 is very good however, but my memory was that the Ayre was just better.