Has anyone compared Ayre K-1x to Pass X-1

Has anyone compared Ayre K-1x to Pass X-1
I have tried both. Ayre is probably the one of the most accurate preamps out there with great tonality, soundstage, speed, papability - you name it.
The X-1 was not that far behind, also very accurate but less than Ayre, it has a very deep soundstage, a bit more laid back sound but still very fast.
As strange as it may sound despite great sonics both preamps failed to generate listeners interest for more than 5 minutes. You could hear a lot of great strain-free detail but things were well, boring.

Both preamps were heard on Krell FPB amp in my system and in my friend's with McCormack DNA500. My friend had very similar impressions.
Having said all that I hear that both preamps have better synergy with their brother amps.

Hope this helps.
I would recommend Hovland HP 200 or CAT SL 1 Ultimate MK II or Nagra PL-P - all three are much more involving and offer an outstanding phono stage.
And the new Evolution version of the Ayre, the K-1xe is quite a bit better then the K-1x.