Has anyone compared Audio Research LS25II to Ref2

I am thinking of making the plunge and upgrading (I actually have my LS25 for sale now) to the ARC ref.2 (or ref.2 MkII). I am wondering if anyone has any direct experience with both of these amps.

Thanks for your input
I upgraded my LS25MK2 to a REF2MK2 2 months ago. I bought them both here on A'gon, and the upgrade difference in dollars ended up being about 2500.

I feel this is worth it, the REF2 is has much more "muscle". The low bass is much better, while retaining the liquid mids I had in the LS 25. The soundstage has about the same width, but I believe more depth. On the negative side, this unit it slightly noisier than the LS 25. I get a slight white noise sound if I put my head near the speakers. Nothing too bothersome, but it was not there with the LS25. It could be a tube issue, and I plan to try new output tubes soon. I also plan to stop putting my head right at the speaker;)

I have not heard directly, but I understand the ref 1 is not much of an upgrade over the ls25.

Our systems are very similar, same speakers, similar power amps etc. If you happen to be pasing through the NJ area (1/2 hour from new york city), you are certainly welcome to come over and hear for yourself.
I had the LS25Mk11 and was looking to upgrade, I auditioned the Ref 11 Mk11 and heard subtle differences in my system. The Ref 11 Mk 11 was more detailed but like Rlips found it somewhat noisier than the LS25 Mk11. I was looking at new equipment so the cost difference between the two was significant. I decided that while the Ref 11 Mk11 was an improvemnet it just wasn't worth the price difference. I ended up selling the LS25 Mk11 and purchased a Conrad Johnson 16LS Series 11 and haven't looked back.
Agree with both above. The Ref 2 MKII has a sweeter mid range and slightly better bass and treble extension from what I remember. The LS-25 MKII was much more dynamic that my BAT VK-30SE.

Happy Listening.
I would keep the LS25MKII and change the Nordoast Red Dawn interconnect (I think it is a weak link in your system). I think with better cables, you will get a "fuller" midrange, greater transparency and extension. I think the Analysis Plus crystal Oval interconnect kills the Red Dawn and the SPM cables.