Has anyone compare JL audio f113 against DD18?

I have been in and out of hometheater for over a year now but i am back. I dont listen to music with subwoofer at all so i really need your help with selecting a right sub for just watching movie. I have owned Velodyne DD18 in the past and really liked them a lot. Now i am back in the HT market and learned that JL audio is the next best thing??? Here are the questions. I can get a DD18 used for around $2400.00. Can i spend the same amount of $ on a JL sub and get more than what DD18 can do? Can this smaller sub from JL (phatomf113) fill my large room with quality bass? Thanks for your help. My listening space is 35X36X9.
I don't have the F113, but I have the DD-15.

The DD's are completely customizable for just about anything. The presets are nice, because the settings I use for 2ch music are not the same as I do for HT.

The DD-18 is capable of 110db+, and has flat response to 15hz. I'm sure the JL is louder, but it doesn't play as low or have as low distortion.