Has anyone compaired ProAc D15 to the 2.5?

There seems to be a split in the audio world as to witch is the superior speaker. Some say the new little D15 has surpassed the 2.5 others dissagree. I would like to hear feed back from any one with experience with either or preferably both of these speakers.
Hi. I, actually compared several proac's in one store with same equipment (meridian 508 and cary sli80). D15's are good speakers in respect to imaging, ballance and detail. They are not as fast as 2,5 and they wont dissapear in your room like 2,5 will with proper set up, unless you spend few more grands on cables. Eventually it will depend on all other things what speaker you buy. 2,5 will need medium sized room at least, should stand further from rear wall, will depend on positioning more than d15, will take longer to break in and will need more powerfull valve amp.
Pepler haven't heard either but both are on my short list for replacement speakers.
I had heard the D15 are better but recently an assistant who seemed to know his stuff reckoned the 2.5 were better basically in terms of scale over the D15.
The 2.5 are soon to be replaced with a new D model too...
I used to own the 2.5 and now have the D15. In my system, the 2.5 was the more musical speaker. The D15 is more sensitive and is less placement sensitive, but the 2.5 had a richer and fuller sound. I sold the 2.5 because I went away to business school. I just purchased the D15 recently. The midrange of the D15 is a little more detailed than the 2.5, but the bass is not as satisfying. However, the D15 is a clear step above the 1.5. The 1.5 had a midrange that was sweet, but too forward. The D15 is much more neutral in that regards, and the bass is more defined as well. I suppose its a matter of taste. The 2.5 is more musical and the D15 is probably more accurate and images a bit better. Both are excellent speakers and have that wonderful ProAc sound.
There already is a D2.5. I listened to them this past week. I've never heard earlier versions of it so I can't compare it. They were very musical with excellent imagining when driven by Acoustic Research tube gear. I listened to Thiels cs2.4 and then the the Proac, much sweeter sound IMHO.