Has anyone changed terminal connectors (RCA or spades) on Nordost speaker cable?

I want to utilize a spare pair of Nordost Tyr2 speaker cables (RCA plugs at either end) for my subwoofer. The sub has its own dedicated  external amp, so I'd like to turn the Nordost pair into a bi-wire with the original 4 RCA plugs at the sub end and 2 RCA plugs at the amplifier - essentially joining the two speaker cables at the amplifier end into two separate RCAs instead of 4.
Has anyone done this, or has anyone changed the connectors on Nordost speaker cables? I assume the fine monofilament wires are simply crimped into their propriety Nordost RCAs.  So in theory, I could disassemble the 4 RCAs at one end of the Nordost and relocate into a pair of WBT RCAs.  Is there something technical I am missing here other than voodoo or magic? Any advise?  

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Don't forget to wear your wizard hat.
An error in the above post - where I say RCA I mean banana plugs.

As long as you ensure the termination if properly done, there should not be any problems. In my study I have done a similar operation on Red Dawn SC. In your case I wonder if it is more economical to sell the very good Tyr 2 SC and DIY yourself or have a custom made subwoofer connection a la REL (3 wires). Just to remind you that anything modified on IC/SC is hard to sell in the future.
Nordost will do it. Not sure what the cost is but they stay factory terminated cables.