Has anyone brought the philly audio blues 7b pream

I am trying to find out how the philly audio preamps
sound. Mainly the blues 7b,can anyone who has brought
one let me about the sound?
I just got my Blues 7B, and it is absolutely amazing. By far the best preamp I have owned. Detail is all there, I heard things in my music that I didn't know were even there. Soundstage is also excellent. It was pretty much a "wow" this thing sounds awesome! The craftsmanship is world class also, and it looks so beautiful. Jim is also great to deal with, a real nice guy and he will go all out to make sure you are satisfied. My preamp did sound a little dark on the treble at first, but after a few hours of burning the tubes in that was gone and I found that I couldn't shut the darn thing off.
Super 88....just saw your post on the 7B, Can I ask, what other pre amps have you owned or auditioned? I just received a AVA Trancendence 7. It is very nice, but I am intrigued by the Philly, Can't find much in the way of reviews. Thanks!
Super88, thank you. We will try even harder to make them better.

Philly Audio

Hello. As a local audiophile in Philly, how would you like to get together with some of us to present your gear? We are active on Audiogon, and are in the early stages of a Philadelphia Audiophile Society(or whatever we'll call it), and would be happy to have the chance to check out a new, local audio manufacturer.

I had seen a Philly Audio power amp on the site, and was curious to the sound. Locals please chime in to this thread, if Jim is receptive, and we'll see what comes of it.

Thank you,
Joe Trelli
Joe, I second your motion to listen to this preamp with the Philadelphia Audio Society. It would be great to listen to locally made gear.

Trelja and Sufentanil,

I'd love to, just too busy till end of April. Looking forward to seeing you in May.

Thank you,

Philly Audio
Hello, Jim.

May is fine for me, I am involved in taking some finals before that. I know Michael is busy all the time. Maybe, in the early part?

Looking forward to meeting you and the Philly product line,
I should have mine by the end of the week..i'll keep you all posted on my thoughts. So far very pleased with talking to Jim and how helpful he has been.
well it's arrived and been hooked up for about a week now...I am completely amazed by this preamp, looks better in person then in pictures and the sound is warm and full bodied, effortless listening. Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a tube preamp.