Has anyone been banned from Steve Hoffman Forums?

Just curious, if you have been banned what was the reason?
I’m in the same position as you (I’m a commercial photographer) with thousands of copyrighted images and hundreds of copyrighted musical scores from my composition days close to 20 years ago. Taking the post down is fine.

I sent a message to Steve earlier and he got it taken care of. I'm back in full swing on the forum
For: calling out that insecure bully/prick/troll Lukas "Lukpac" Pacholski and his constant brigading and sea-lioning into Beatles related topics trying to ALWAYS HAVE THE LAST WORD whenever someone else TRIES to make a previously unmentioned, nuanced point.

THIS little rat bastard has MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS over there with VPNs ("Slane", "Onder", "B.T. Mara", "A Well Respected Man" and, I'm sure, "Jamie Tate" also --- you post something on a Facebook public page called "Not Steve Hoffman", which is dedicated to mocking Hoffman and basically accuses him of outright theft, and simultaneously in a bizarre way: PACHOLSKI AND "TATE" will reply like a tag team IMMEDIATELY!).

Pacholski is also the asshat that revived the infamous "Stereo Central" by creating a free ProBoards forum.  It was EASY to figure that out; as soon as one noticed NO ONE THERE EVER SO CONVENIENTLY MENTIONS HIS NAME: while, by far, HE IS THE MOST anal-retentive SHF personality one could imagine(?).

Hoffman really must be either easily blackmailed or an idiot not to realize his own inmates are, ultimately, the worst threat to his reputation.
It remains my go-to for information various masterings and their sonics. 

There was a great Motorhead on CD thread which began with the announcement that none of their CDs can match the vinyl, before going on to compare the various digital releases.

[No Remorse is a pretty good collection].