Has anyone been banned from Steve Hoffman Forums?

Just curious, if you have been banned what was the reason?

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Where to begin. I used to sell Beatles UK first or second pressings on Hoffman Forum, did this for about three years . As I have been in the music business for almost sixty years, I had quite a collection, and everyone I sold I got great feedback A+ all the way. One day I thought I would sell a few CBS / Asylum etc. demo albums,and singles . James Taylor, and Joni Mitchell come to mind. These were unplayed radio station copies . I NEVER went with the hype that you are going to pay more for a promo. So I get this letter from a Gorg, I’m trying to remember his name Cairo something ? He writes me and said if he ever saw another demo I would be banished for good, he was just shooting a warning shot over the bow. Well, the listing was already up. I looked to see if anyone else had promos or “ demonstration “ vinyl they were selling on Hoffman Forum, there were several people selling less than stellar promo copies of records . I wrote back and asked why I was singled out. At that instant he banned me, that was five years ago. I was selling around $800. a month in UK Beatles in fantastic condition. This “ Cairo “ I tried to reason with, he in effect told me to go piss up a rope, mind you, as the forum never took a cut, I donated to the Hoffman Forum when I was selling . I would love to meet this pitiful little excuse for a human being . I’m seventy two now, my records are my livelihood. E Bay and Discogs are a joke,Discogs make Ebay look like an audiophile site . 
If anyone know a sellers forum for high end, and I do mean high end vinyl records ( I know,it’s not really vinyl ) let me know please . Thanks for letting me vent . Diatribe complete on that issue .
jake Gerber