Has anyone been banned from Steve Hoffman Forums?

Just curious, if you have been banned what was the reason?
Not banned but possible reasons

- you were deaf and now you can hear
- you hear differences in cables
- your opinion about SH Mastering is not stellar
- you write against self promotion from professionals
After listening to some of the disasters, er.....I mean, remasters that he and Kevin Grey have produced; I can't think of a reason to follow anything else with which he's associated.
I've never registered there, but I've read plenty of horror stories. OTOH, it's his site and he makes the rules.
I think he may have been predisposed against my user name over there: mp3s4eva
His websites is run by what he calls gorts. I have never in my life heard that expression. These gorts seem to be direct descendants of the third reich. (Except the fact there not Jew haters) but they run it with an iron fist and will ban you in a New York minute. Contrary to all the bad things say about Audiogon it is still one of the best audio sites out there.
True, Audiogon is one of the best...just don't write anything in a review even mildly critical of one of their advertisers. I did, and my review went Poof!
No, but since Mulletsgalore.com went under I simply Google pics of Steve (to get my Mullet fix).
Yes. I was 2 years ago over a disagreement. It is an excellent resource for music lovers. Not really worth much otherwise. SH and his ilk are communist in their practices.
They over-look everyone's 1st admendment rights. I hope to meet him in person someday and give him a history lesson or two. Happy Listening!
They over-look everyone's 1st admendment rights. I hope to meet him in person someday and give him a history lesson or two.
As a point of information, the only protection to free speech that is provided by the First Amendment to the US Constitution is that "Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech." The 14th Amendment extended that to protect against laws enacted by State governments. There are no free speech protections in the Constitution against actions by private organizations or individuals, popular misconceptions notwithstanding.

-- Al
A Harvard Russian born History Prof, once said to me ," We intellectuals yearned for the freedom of speech Americans had, we didn't realize free speech is allowed because no one would listen to us" .
That's right, Schubert. You and I are free to shoot our mouths off because no one pays any attention to us anyway. Just a couple of senile old nutcases.

John Lennon, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King weren't so easily overlooked as I am though. What they had to say was heard briefly. Think about what those guys have in common now. All had their free speech terminated prematurely.
If you think Hoffman's forums are bad in this regard, go have a look at Hydrogen Audio. The people that run that website are insane when it comes to what you can or can't post.

I was reading some posts on computeraudiophile.com and one of the posters started talking about an experiance they had on Hydrogen. He was new to the site and responded to a pole someone was taking. It was asking what your favorite music player is. He put down jriver and they almost kicked him off the site because of it. The moderators didn't like the fact that you have to buy jriver. They said it was insulting the other members. They gave him a warning that if something like this happens again, they're closing his account. All he did was take part in a pole. I would have never believed that story but he did provide the post and email he got from the moderators. I was still curious so I went over to hydrogen myself and found the post. He was telling the truth.
I've heard that AC employs actual trolls as moderators which is fine since they are an underserved part of society.
As a plus, it keeps the bridges safe for the kids when they walk home from school.
Nonoise, who is AC?
Thanks Al, excellent info.
Precisely Schubert! Almarg is missing the entire conversation. SH operates his business (website) on American soil, therefore, he must be held responsible for not upholding free speech/free press amendment. Like I stated previously, communism at its ugly finest.
This discussion comes at a great time as we real Americans prepare to celebrate Memorial Day. Tell it to the many Veterans whom died protecting our Liberty.

Happy Listening!
AL doesn't miss anything.

As much as we may not like it, moderators are allowed to moderate their threads. It's not a free speech issue. That web site is someones property, and the owner can do as he wishes with is as long as he doesn'the break any laws. And its not against the law to moderate a thread.
I hardly ever agree with Zd542 but he is most certainly
correct about AL not missing much.
The professors point was that Americans are anti-intellectual which is generally true. I remember eating at a table at the Free University of Berlin, when a fellow American said to a German student jokingly. "if you're so smart why aren't you rich?" The half dozen German students had zero idea what he meant and they all spoke English well.
The Harvard prof also dragged me over to a window, parted the blind and said in Russia I could look out see the KGB agent watching my apartment, Americans have a better system, they carry their own KBG agent around in their heads.
Jafant, assuming you are serious, I am a combat infantryman vet, and I consider the hyper-nationalism on Memorial Day the opposite of true patriotism.
I like the Hoffman forum for several reasons: there are some deep
threads (mostly older) that detail much info on deadwax and various
pressings. It is as good a resource as any to start if you are
researching older 'pop' or 'rock' records.
I also like the fact that the forum is moderated. Very little personal
sniping. I've talked to Steve several times and he's been pleasant.
For what it is worth, it is a music site, not a gear site, and there is a
vast amount of stuff there you have to wade through, but there are
some very good people there once you get to know the place. I'm not
trying to persuade you otherwise if you had a bad experience, or don't
find the site's content to your liking, but I find it a worthwhile place.
BTW, a 'gort' is a robot from 'The Day the Earth Stood Still,' a classic
old sci-fi movie. (Hoffman also has a pretty good board on older film,
music for film, etc.)
PS: many of the worthwhile threads have nothing to do with the
records Steve mastered.
I have no idea what professor you're talking about that said Americans are anti intellectual, but the context in which you are using the term implies that it's just another way of saying someone doesn't agree with you. If someone doesn't agree with you then they must be wrong. You did go to some college in NJ, and everyone knows that's where all the smart people come from.
And you can see why I don't .
I was referring to audiocircle.
The funny thing about Steve Hoffman is I always thought he was a prick because of the way that site is run. I meet him at The Show in Newport Beach last year and he was very friendly. It really surprised me.
It could be that once you're allowed into the "inner circle" of anything, the gloves come off. The internet allows the id to come to fore.
+1 on Taters comment. I've met him more than once and each time he has come across as helpful and low key.
The forum is run with an iron fist however.
Communism at its finest-
I 1st heard about the SH forum HERE.  So I figured I'd give it a look-see.  I like it.  Now I post over there a lot more than I do here!  While the moderators's presence can definitely be felt from time to time, it's nowhere near as pervasive as it's been made out to be here.  Fact is, I've been 'moderated'; more HERE than there (although it's been some time since I've been messed with on either site).
I just got banned today from the Steve Hoffman forums because I asked him in one of the threads if he can hear a difference between CD and SACD.  The reason for the ban: duplicate account. I honestly think they just banned me for any reason because they don't want Steve being asked tough questions.
I am not a fan of SH mastering so I stay away from the SH Music forum which is where posters seem to get banned most often.  I do like to follow the SH Equipment forum though.  There are a pretty diverse group of posters.  Also there are some Audio Note fans who post frequently on AN related topics making the SH forum the best place I know of to find opinions on AN gear.
Absolutely! chris_g
it is a damn shame that you were banned. The site is pretty good for music -related information. Hang in there.
Happy Listening!
Agreed- salectric
the equipment section is pretty good as well. However, most of those guys do not own full-on audiophile gear. I also concur about SH mastering, some titles are hits while others are misses.
Can anyone create an account for for SH forums? I tried creating another one but it looks like the registration page tracks your IP.  Please, if you can create one PM me the username and password. Thanks.
The Steve Hoffman Forums are the best place on the internet to find out about, and obsess over, the different masterings of music released before the 90's.

Some classic albums have a wildy different sound depending on which region of the world they were released in. 


yes, the SH site does track your IP.

Happy Listening!