Has anyone auditioned the new Definitive Mythos ?

I love the looks of the speakers , but I not been able to audition them, has anyone heard or have a opinion on them , thanks
Ive heared these, not for a prolonged audition, but for about 5-10 minuits.
I thought they sounded pretty darn good. Like most DefTech products they are more geared for high end HT rather than high end 2ch.

The ones i heared were setup around a plasma screen, very nice visual presentation and they have full rich bold sound.
Are you looking for these for HT or a 2 channel setup? you DO need a subwoofer with these to hit the real lows.

If it is HT, then i reccomment about anything that DefTech makes. I know there is better stuff out there for HT, but for budget gear, you get perfoirmance that is quite out of thier price league. I'd never hesistate to reccommend Deftech for HT.
The saga with the DefTech Mythos. I own Piega C-3s with a Rel sub, which sounds incredible. My audiophile friend loved the set up, but would not spend the money for the Piegas. He called me several weeks ago to tell me, he bought a pair of DefTech Mythos, a Piega look alike. He said let them break in and we can listen to them. A couple of weeks ago he's at my door with the Mythos. He gave them to me for my rear channels in my surround video system. He hated them, would not talk about it. I gave him a thousand dollars for them and called it a night. The next day I replaced the Piegas with the Defs adjusted the sub and listened. Not bad, but really not that good. The speaker has seven drivers per side, and fifty two screws holding them to the baffle. Every one of the screws were at least a full turn loose. Tightened them, and the sound got much better, but could not compare to the Piegas. High end a little hard, midrange clear with a slight halo, and bottom end too rich and not really defined. Hey maybe these were not intended for main stereo speakers, I thought, however; something about the Mythos made me believe to go further. Although the baffle is what Deftech calls polystone, I had a hunch it was resonating, along with the extruded aluminum cabinet. I blue tacked all the screw holes in the baffle and the Mythos got better. I purchased $350.00 worth of Marigo Tuning Dots and applied them to all the drivers, baffle, tweeter and driver surrounds and to the aluminum cabinet and the glass bases. Lastly added bybee slipstream filters. The transformation of the Deftechs were jaw dropping. It is now, what I consider to be one the most satisfying speakers I've owned. What does it sound like, in short, like the Piegas, clean, fast, extended neutral highs, and taut midbass. It is clear to me that Deftech at this price point is a quality product and with some mods can compete with the best speakers out there. Will I be selling my Piegas, I don't think so, but I won't be selling the Defs either.