has anyone auditioned the CAT JL2 stereo amp?

I would appreciate any opinions on the CAT JL2 or JL2 reference stereo amps from anyone who has heard them. How do they compare to the audio Research VT200 or Jadis Defy7 MK4 ? I am using a CAT MK3 preamp and driving Wilson's Watt/Puppies 5.1's.
I have heard a JL2 powering Merlin-VSM-M speakers, I was for lack of a better word-awe struck by their performance. I only listened to them for one afternoon, but they are on my wish list of amps, fwiw there are only 3 other amps on the list with the JL2, all are tube and this happens to be the middle of the road price wise. I think if they are in your budget you owe it to yourself to listen to them a great product. I had an opportunity to have a meal with Kenny from convergent and he is simply a genius, and can explain things in terms that even I can understand.

I sure wouldn't include Defy 7 mk4 along with jl2.-- not the same league. My ancient CJ Premier 5's in triode better the Jadis 7.4.(Had one for 2 years) I, also have a CAT3.--Montana ESPs. Nice neighborhood,the JL2.