Has anyone auditioned Prana Fidelity speakers?

We used them at a show 2 years ago and they did the job no worries. Smooth extended and detailed.
I'm not good at descriptions of a particular sound, but at RMAF 2014 and 2015, Prana was in my top 5 for great sound. He had the new, larger, Vayu model this year and it made some great music. If I had to characterize their sound, I'd say they fall into the laid-back, listen for days type of tonality. I returned numerous times, and no matter what type of music being played, they always served it well.
Prana Fidelity was one of my favorties at the Newport Show a couple of years back. Like James mentioned, a kind of laid back but enveloping sound that seduces one into further listening. I don't know how it would fare over the long run.

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Hello altoman.
If you are in the Denver area, please come by for a listen, or visit Crescendo Fine Audio for an audition (and compare them with other brands).
I can send you a pair of demos to listen to in your home, too.
I'm not sure about the "laid back" description, but I did design them to take into account the autonomic nervous system response to overstimulation.
As always, it is best to hear product in one's home.
Steven Norber 

These Steve Norber speakers look nice using Focal W Cone drivers and Ceramic tweeter. 
I first heard Pranafidelity at the LA audio show and loved it. Steve was using the Kuzma Stabi M, CAR30, Pranafidelity electronics and the new speaker Bhava. Quiet amazing. Will have the Bhava soon in my demo room and I have honor of representing Pranafidelity in the Bay area/CA.
Going back to the room it was a room that one could relax and connect to the music. Steve is a super nice guy and explains everything so well.