Has anyone auditioned Duevel Sirius ?

With very few reviews to date, I'm wondering if anyone has listened to the Sirius. I own BLDs and Venus and would love to upgrade.
It's been a while, has anyone had the chance?
I believe that the owner at Mutine upgraded his own speakers from BLD to Sirius, he should be a good source of info.
I want some more information about the Sirius, about its features and its quality.
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Mutine, the guy in Canada only carries the Planet and the next one up the line. To buy other models contact highendaudio.com. He's in the DFW area.
I posted this yesterday and I see that it still isn't on here, so I'll try one more time.

I talked to the guy in Canada about a month ago and he is very long winded and calling Canada isn't cheap, so you've been warned.He told me he only carries the Planets and the next model up.He couldn't give me a price when I called, which I found very odd. So, I had to call back later in the day. He gave a price of $1200 for the Planets, but there is NO audition period. You buy and they are yours.

Having said that, the other 2 or 3 models up the line are handeled by Ted Baldlind at highendaudio.com. I think he's in the DFW area.Hope that helps.I hope to audition the Venus soon. I live only about 300 miles from Ted so the drive is pretty insignifacint for me.