Has anyone auditioned a pair of Final .02 Electrostats?

I am currently a Maggie 1.6 owner and based on what I've heard, they are somewhere between the Martin Logan and Maggies. I am considering them because they are beautiful speakers, but if do not sound as good as the Maggies forget it. Help.
I've heard the Final electrostats and the best thing I can say about them is that I was not impressed. Cheesy build quality and weak, indistinct sound. The MLs I have heard were much better for this type of speaker.
What were the associated electronics? I understand that they require quite a long break-in time.
I am extremely familier with the sound of the electronics (Krell KAV-300il amp and Rotel RCD-991 CD player) and they definately were not the culprit.
Irecently bought a pair of Final's o.3 for $1299 (brand new) and I am very happy with them. Good sound, stunning clarity, I definitely recommend an audition. High quality electronics required.
It sounds like you took advantage of that deal at www.audiorevolution.com. How long was your break in time?