Has anyone answered the real question?

First, I want to say that the white-outfitted guys are at my front door. Second, these people(Ori, or Oritek Audio, Alex, of APL Hi-Fi, and Nuforce-I also have to mention Signal Cable and Mapleshade.) have led me to this situation. Does anybody have a strategy against what plays through your head, when you are away from your system? Believe it or not, this is what has preoccupied me for awhile. Does anyone, anywhere relate to this? If so, can you give me some kind of strategy here?
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
LMAO Tvad!
"A few tweeters shy of a full-range speaker"????
As soon as I get back to the system, put said tune in question on preferred deck and crank it. Sure does cure that virtual tune suffering.
Fax me a cheeseburger and I'll share THE answer with you.
Strong Hint: You've got to make the VOICES stop FIRST!
There IS a technique. Cram that double-meat Wendy's in
your fax and send it to me now!
Roger & WoolCo Tvad!
Actually, I know what you're talking about, as it happens often to me. Last spring I was in a 170 mile bike ride for two days and couldn't get a piece of music I had practiced the night before out of my head--I was sort of on cruise control and nothing much else goes through your head out there other than the scenery and the pain, so I couldn't shake the tune. Learned it pretty well by the end of the ride, but I have no idea how to get rid of the tune until I listen to some more music or I get involved in something that makes me concentrate my thinking.
Go with the white out-fitted guys. You're just what they're looking for.

Know what you mean, I seem to get one random song stuck in my head on most long bike rides as well!!! Only bothers me when it's something stupid as I seem to be stuck with it for a while... Often times it's just one part of a soung that seems to repeat throughout the ride. I have tried thinking of other music, but it rarely works.

If I'm lucky, it's something aggressive, Tool was stuck in my head a couple rides ago.... made the hills less painful!!!

Do the white outfitted guys drive a white van by any chance? My favorite scenario is when I start thinking of a tune but can't remember it's name or who performed it. Then months later I'll stumble across that recording...
My favorite is to sing along. Anyone who has heard me sing never wishes to again, it kills the tune and forces something else into my head
'T'is even worse when you are stuck with a repeating tune but you just can't name the darn thing. . . that is truly maddening! And now I even topped that. . . I know exactly what that old piece of music was, but I can't remember what it sounded like if my life depended on it. . . am I suffering of incipient senility perhaps?
"It's as simple as something that nobody knows
That her eyes are as big as her bubbly toes
On the feet of a Queen of the Hearts of the Cards
And her feet are all covered with tarballs and scars...

When you move like a jellyfish rhythm don't mean nothin
You go with the flow, you don't stop

Dreams are like commercials and they're often picture perfect
Dreams are so related but they're often underestimated
La da da da da da, La da da da da..."

The above song excerpt goes through my head a lot lately.
10 points to the first one to name the song and the artist!
The above song excerpt goes through my head a lot lately.
10 points to the first one to name the song and the artist!
Plato (System | Threads | Answers)

"Bubble Toes", by Jack Johnson
10 Points to Tvad -- Man you're good !
No fair, no fair. . . my tune has no words, but it's ma' right to play this game too! [stomping of old slippers. . . snuffling sounds of old geezer having major tantrum fading away. . .]
You guys have definitely made something from nothing with this thread -- two more points and you'll cover the spread.
Oh no - not 'Fantasy Audiophilia'....
Many of you guys are so far advanced than I am. I appreciate your responses, though. I think that people will respond to what has been said here. I want to digress, though. Is there a strategy to deal with what will play through your head? What I've done is play what runs through my head when I'me away from my music system. I think there is more to it, though.
Mak, all it means is that you are deeply into music. If music pervades your life, it will also pervade your thoughts, and even your dreams. Not only music plays in my head during the day, but often I hear music while I fall asleep, and not infrequently I even dream complete musical dreams, complete with orchestra, choir and soloists. . . it's like making up your own opera. . . lots of fun! G.
Guidocorona, are you saying that music that you've not heard is playing through your head? So, far that hasn't happenned to me. Very interesting, if that is what you are saying. I'm having a little trouble with what will play through my head-in the sense of a strategy against(?) it. Right now, when something(which I've played on my system) goes through my head, I just end up playing that when I get the opportunity.
...when something(which I've played on my system) goes through my head, I just end up playing that when I get the opportunity.
Mmakshak (Threads | Answers)
That's a common thing to do, IMO.
yes Mak, that's exactly what can happen to me, especially when falling asleep, or during REM sleep. I hear/make music, which is vaguely related to stuff I must have heard, yet it is also uniquely different. The problem is, that when I wake up the music is usually gone, and I can't really recall it to any precision. . . This lack of recall is very annoying and frustrating!

During the day I may have melody fragments in my head repeating and repeating. . . but they are always bits of stuff written by someone else. Sometimes I know exactly what they are, other times I can't associate the music with a title. Back in April I took a one week trip to Brazil for work, and for the whole week I had this piece stuck in my mind. . . I was sure it was a fugue by Bach, but I could not remember where I heard it, if my life depended on it. When I came back to Austin I actually forgot how it sounded completely. . . which really bugged me to no end. Just recently I discovered it is the Prelude to the 5th English Suite by old J. S. Bach. It was actually your very musings about music in your head that prompted me last week to finally rip the track from my CD and use it as the Windows Start WAV file. Now I hear the 1st 10 seconds of this great piece every morning at 6:45 when I start my machine in the office. Thank you mak!
Those of us with young children may find ourselves tapping our fingers to a PBS show's tune and feel quite inempty if that is what has slipped in. But it's just life.
Get to that saturation or concentration level again, and write over it.
Right now it's Cocteau Twins in my head. Like what is she saying? Is it a know language?
Electro-shock works well. And, in hard cases, the pre-frontal procedure will definitely get rid of the music in your head.
Whart, are you sure music doesn't play through your head? What makes you run back to your system to listen to a certain song? I'm kidding, but really I'm not. Also, Guidocorona, I believe you might really be a composer of music. I just wish I could have original music coming from my mind. I think that you should really look at this. At least ask others if that's true for them. I'm being serious here.
you don't need a stereo system to have music playing through your head. the music on your brain depends more upon you than your stereo system. imagination is better than reality. remember paul simon's song "kodachrome" ?
Mmakshak, you have something really going this time. . . I trained in fact as a music composer while at college. Exercise became rather impractical when little pencilled black notes started to disappear from in front of my eyes in lates 70s. Gave music a rest for almost a decade. . . than it all came back with avenge in the terrifying form of a massive attack of Audiophilia Nervosa. . . still in progress of course!
Let's Go for it MRT, time to sell our systems. . . then you can concentrate in writing virtual equipment reviews. . . and I can concentrate on ranting about stuff that I have heard only in my wildest audiophilic dreams.
Guidocorona, are you saying that you lost vision(eyesight)? Mrtennis, some of us lack imagination. What I mean is that I don't have original music coming from me. I'm sorry, that's just how it is for most people(I believe). If you have that, you are unique, and need to cultivate that ability. I will listen to "kodachrome" in a while to understand better what you said.
MMAKSHAK, Yeap. . . sure did! G.
The key is not to fight it, it is commanding your attention simply because it is your current mantra and is the window to reaching the continuum. Focus on it, pick a key phrase from it and meditate awhile, then it will dissipate. This is how I keep the white coated guys from my door.

The music chooses you, not the other way around.
I have to give kudos to Stevecham, since no one else has.