Has anyone added a small subwoofer to 2 channel and been thrilled with the result?

The subwoofer can of worms.
I’d like to add some bass to my otherwise fine 2 speaker setup and have limited space so perhaps a single 10in?
After a few weeks of research the only conclusion I can come up with is - everyone agrees they have to be setup properly. Every brand and technology has their own following and most recommend using 2 (which I don’t want due to space concerns). My room is 12 x 13 ft with box raised ceiling.
After much research, these are the subwoofers I’m trying to pick from, for various reasons:
Rythmik FM8  - lots of hifi fans
JL audio e110 - fantastic support
REL T/9i - sort of a gold standard
KEF R400b - interesting technology, makes me grin. 

I've never heard any of these.
Hegel H160
SF Concerto speakers on stands.
Sub woofers, Yes one per channel if you have the room, set up is the most important part, crossover and volume set so they blend in with your mains.I am not a bass freak but subs give you the complete sound your hearing for.
Yes, REL sounds the most musical to me due to their unique high level connection.  It is the best way for your the sub to track exactly what your mains are putting out.  Very articulate!
I added a single centered Martin Logan Grotto (10in sealed) sub to my 2 channel setup.   Integrates really well with my Rega RS1 speakers in a 10.5x20ft room.  No localization, no nodes, no bloat, even response, and quick dynamics. Blends seamlessly to my ears.   Rolls off below 30hz but I’m very happy.  I think I have the crossover set to 65hz.  Setting level was critical as it’s easy to overdo it.   I used some test tones and an SPL meter to help dial it in.
Long thread but I will add my 2 cents. My room is quite small. Although it is irregular, the main listening space is 13X19x6.5ft.  Yes, 6.5”! Basement man cave. No windows, heavy shag carpet. Some absorbers hanging on the walls but no room for bass traps or ceiling panels. System is on the long wall, with speakers out 2 ft from the front wall, tweeters 6 ft apart, and 8 ft to the listening position. Mains are Totem Element Metals and subs are JL Audio E110’s. They re placed along the front wall, a quarter of the distance along that wall from the corners each.

Given the room size, one may think this is overkill (mains are full range) but small rooms are arguably more difficult to get good bass than large rooms. I started with one sub but bought into the arguments for two or more about six months ago. Because I use an integrated amp, I run the mains full range but have a high crossover point on the subs, 80Hz. I got to this point using a Umik-1 microphone from MiniDSP and Room EQ software. It is very interesting to take in-room measurements from the listening position and varying sub placement, crossover point, polarity, and sub volume. I had a significant null point at the listening position with the subs off. Turning them on and keeping the volume at reference level (zero), got rid of the null and smoothed out the bass response nicely. Like others, I find the subs help with bloom, even in the mid-range. Bass is nice and tight, with great attack and decay. The whole sound has a more satisfying roundedness without sacrificing detail.

For those of you with rooms that don’t create bass issues consider yourselves fortunate. However, for the rest of us (which I suspect is the majority) one well integrated sub will almost always bring a smile to your face and two will result in a Cheshire cat grin. Can the use of  subs be “abused” in a system? For sure. There is always the temptation to “get your money’s worth” but the temptation must be resisted. In my instance, the volume is set at a point where there is no boominess but the overall musical presentation is more pleasing.
This is an interesting thread as I am considering adding one or two to my system because I have a massive dip just below at 180hz which can't be alleviated with speaker placement. My concern is to do with whether or not thee timing will be off