Has anyone actually heard the Pavane 845-T tube?

I had an 845B go prematurely and had to replace it to get functional as I don't have backups on hand. I decided to take the plunge and try a Pavane (Psvane) 845-T despite the fact that there is virtually NO feedback on them sonically and even though my last Shuguang 845 lasted less than 4 months...

I know I'm rolling the dice, but the marketing hype was strong and I've liked other Shuguang Black Treasures and Pavanes...

Anyone have feedback on the 845-T?
Read this thread and you should get some answers.

I've had a pair for approximately 3 months and have nothing but praise for them. They replaced "Holy Grail" metal plate 845Ws, which I don't miss at all. Dave