Has anybody tried speaker cable & IC's from YACCo

I have a tube integrated amp and 1.6qr Maggies. I have Anti-Cables, both speaker and ic's. I am interested in changing to silver.

Their speaker cabels are the CaudaEquina which use individual 18 gauge wires, each insulated in a larger gauge Teflon dielectric minimizing contact between dielectric and conductor. Each channel uses 4 strands of pure solid core silver and 4 strands of pure solid core copper braided together in a noise-cancelling Litz configuration. There is a total of 12 gauge of pure silver per channel and a total conductor size of 9 gauge per channel.

Their IC's are The LuckySeven and use three conductors each (seven strands per channel of 99.9% pure silver wire). Each strand is 24 gauge solid silver(not stranded)Each strand is protected in a larger gauge Teflon dielectric to minimize contact between conductors and dielectric. Each conductor is mostly in contact with air, an ideal dielectric.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.