Has anybody tried Sounds Heavenly cables?

I have. Just bought several different brand cables to try connecting my iPhone to my old B&O Beomaster 1900 receiver's 5-pin DIN plug. The Sounds Heavenly cable I bought from the UK is really nicely made and sounds terrific - clearly better than the cheaper US made cable - and good enough to reveal the Hifi limitations of my iPhone 4s through the B&O. At only 14.99 pounds = $23.27 today, not a lot of money in todays audiophile market for such a well made product.

I have ordered a standard RCA cable (16.99 pounds) from Sounds Heavenly for my reference system to see how that works. Very impressed with their products and customer service so far.

Follow up: standard RCA cable is no great shakes. Worth the $26 paid but not more. Compares favorably to my budget favorite RS Auvio interconnect, but not Audioquest Diamondback.

I've had several leads from Sounds Heavenly for my Quad 33/303/ESL57 system and I've been really happy with them.

Like you, I started with the iPod to DIN input lead and then bought the full set of CD Player input leads, Pre-Power lead (4 pin DIN) and some speaker wires (which they made up specially for me).

Really impressed with the cable quality for the price, which included free shipping and a money-back guarantee. The real clincher for me was the friendly, helpful advice I got from Sounds Heavenly - they were happy to spend time explaining everything to me over the phone and by email. I've not encountered any other online companies with such good customer service!

All in all, I would highly recommend them.

Easily one of the best, no-bs bargains out there. The guy is super nice and handmakes all of them. I use their RCA interconnects on a good tube system. They are inexpensive and much, much, much finer sounding cables than, e.g., Monster Cables, which are about all you can generally get for the price. I like them at least as much as Kimber PBJs. They are shielded and oxygen-free wire, nice and flexible, and have very nice ends -- you really cannot go wrong with these.
Follow up, I compared their standard RCAs to my other cables on hand in my reference headphone system and found them comparable or slightly better than other well made entry level cables (Audioquest, Monster or Auvio), but not as revealing or musical as my Audioquest diamondbacks, fwiw. Still a very good product for the money.