Has anybody tried a Shelter 501/Linn Ekos comb.

Hi, I am having problems finding a decent MC for my Linn Ekos. I bought a Denon 103R but the local Linn dealer told me that it doesn't fit the Ekos headshell. I don't want to buy another cartridge to have the same problem. The second cartdrige in my list was the Shelter 501. Does anybody have tried mounting a Shelter 501 in a Linn Ekos? Thank you very much for your help, Pablo.
What does too big mean? The DL103 is a pretty regular sized cartridge in
width and length. And it should fit any regular headshell. I don't remember
the headshell of my old Akito arm being small. The Denon fits into the Rega
tonearm pretty well which have a similar geometry and headshell size.

Does too big mean to big to adjust the correct overhang?

Or is cartridge body height to big too adjust the VTA correctly?

I do think the Denon should work in the Ekos...maybe you could get some
more information from the dealer...

Good luck.
Restock, thank you for your rapid answer. According to the Linn dealer the body of the Denon is larger than other cartridges. It seems that he cannot affix the cartdridge to the headshell for that reason. My guess is that the Shelter has an average body (3/4?) and it will fit the headshell of the Ekos, but I wanted to know for sure before selling my Denon and buying a Shelter. Thank you again, Pablo.
Pablo, as per our recent email conversation, I also cannot figure out why the 103R won't fit in your arm, because I used it in my OL arm, and I also use a Shelter 501. I'd like to know which "dimension" of the 103 is "too big" to fit in the Ekos. It fits in virtually every other headshell that I know of, and has standard screw spacing. I have never heard of any 103 being "too big" for any headshell.

However, if you are "forced" to use a Shelter 501, this is not a bad thing, because is is better than the 103R anyway.
I think I may know the answer. I had a lp12 and tried a 103d years ago. Like 15-20 years ago. The Denon cartridge does have a large body, it's not the mounting into the screw holes, it's that the cartrige hook up pins extend back into the tonearm hookup pins. It's a bear to get the cartdige leads connected...it's almost like the cartridge pins and the tonearm pins are alomost touching...no room for the little wires.

Again, this isn't a conclusive answer...but a theory.
Jfrech, thank you very much for your answer. At least now I have a theory! Being a social scientist I feel much better than yesterday ... Seriously, thanks a lot: what you are describing is exactly what the Linn dealer described to me few days ago. Pablo.
Pablo, looking back at my DL103 that is sitting in my RB600 Rega arm, the
Denon is slightly longer than the Kontrapunkt A I have. However it is sitting
much more to the front of the headshell so that effectively it does not extend
further into the back than the Kontrapunkt. It might be possible that in order
to achieve the correct geometry (using a DB protractor) the cartridge has to
sit more forward in the headshell, so that there is no problem with the
hookup pins hitting the tonearm pins on the Ekos as well. Did your dealer
check the alignment correctly?
TWL is probably right in that the Shelter is a better cartridge anyway (still
hoping to hear it someday). Can't argue with him. However the size/length of
the cartridge won't tell you very much wether it will extend to far to the back,
since that will depend also on the cartridge alignment to achieve the correct
geometry. It might be worth trying to shift the arm slightly forward so that
the cartridge can be mounted as far up front as possible.

Also I do remember seeing people use the DL103 with an Akito or Ittok arm,
can't remember the websites though.

Again, Good Luck!
Thank you Restock. I'll transmit the info to the Linn dealer. Pablo.
The Ittok headshell is a little longer than the Ekos so there's more room for the cartridge pins/wires. My Lyra Argo is a real tight fit in the Ekos so I imagine the Denon may be also.

I loved the Denon 103D cartridge I owned 20 years ago but I'm not sure the 103R is in the same class (spherical stylus). In an Ekos and comparable quality associated equipment, I suspect you could (should?) do better.

Keith, thank you for the info about the Ittok. I didn't know that.
I will try the Shelter 501 in the Ekos. I hope I don't have the same problem! Pablo.
Well, bad news for those who were following the thread: the Shelter 501 doesn't work with the Ekos either! It seems that the geometry of the cantilever doesn't allow a correct ajustment of the VTA (or something like that ... beyond my technical expertise). Thank you very much for all your help. Pablo.

P.S.: does anybody want a Shelter 501 almost new? :):):)