Has anybody listened to WLM speakers?

6moons has an interesting take on this new Austrian speaker firm and there are some reviews by European magazines and positive comments on audio shows. WLMs are similar to and perhaps improve on Tannoy's dual-concentric design, have a high 97dB efficiency, are tube friendly and look gorgeous in Zebrano wood.

A search here shows no threads on WLM, a first for me because I think this forum is the audio leader in several ways.
i heard a pair in the uk in January, and they were nice. too expensive, but i suppose a lot of zebranos have to die to make the cabinets.....seriously, they are nice, but at their pricepoint, 'nice' is everywhere.
Had a short listen at Primus Audio in Kansas City using Nagra amps and a McCormack UDP-1 as the source.

Impressions- huge soundstage, superb midrange (I'm sure the Nagras had something to do with that), excellent imaging large sweet spot and very nicely constructed from outside appearances.

I only listened to a few cuts but they were presented in a relaxed and natural manner. Music was warm and flowing.
Just heard the floor standing Diva's and came away really impressed.
Huge soundstaging, well finished. Big speakers and NOT for small spaces. They do some things really well but might sound a little "thick" for some ears. I didn't find the treble as rolled off as reported by Six Moons. Actually the treble was smooth extended and never fatiguing.
Associated equipment was Ayre SACD, New Bryston Pre and 3B amplifier. Nordost Tyr speaker cabling. NO Sub needed
This is a speaker I'd HAVE to hear in my own room (as they all should be). I'd really like to hear the upper range of this line if the entry level products sound this good.

Since the last post here, Six moons has gone on to award the WLM Diva ( and other WLM speakers) with Blue Moon Awards.
He has also given great reviews to the Made-in-USA Red Wine Audio 30 and 30.2 amps, as well as the Almarro tube amps, and he endorses both for use with WLM - a match made in heaven! I was very impressed from what I heard from WLMs at shows I snapped-up some WLMs months ago - love 'em! I have been using tubes with them, but based on what I have seen and heard, I just ordered a Red Wine 30.2 to go with them - gotta' try it.
Heard them in Munich show. Everyone loved them. I heard the smaller ones. For the money they are really nice. Big palpable images which are well placed with nice bass (I think a subwoofer was in use). They used the Almarro amps, but I forget the source. I have a photo of them somewhere.
I have a pair of WLM La Scala's and they are extraordinary: my favorite speaker so far (have owned Avalons, Audio Physic Step SLEs w/ REL sub, Morel Octwins, Impulse Lali's and many more). The comments above are spot on: these are a huge sounding speaker, very open, and very dynamic, with creamy and lovely mids. Very exciting yet easy to listen to, and they can play loudly without strain, and they never 'hurt' ones ears, yet still have uncanny resolution (you can EASILY hear any and all differences if you make changes in the rig, roll tubes, etc.)
I agree on the La Scala's, I have listened to the monitors and thought they were very good especially with tube amplification. The cone tweeters are very good and not bright like one might think they would be. Very detailed and just a very good sounding speaker.

Not sure what WLM is doing now, certainly not much presence here in the US I do not think, anyone know?
I have heard the WLM Diva a few times. They can sound very nice if you are not into big orchestral music, or any other music with a lot of low of if you like rock/metal.

They are great with jazz, blues etc. But play Slayer or Wagner and they are not that great.