Has anybody listened to the new Acoustic Energy 1?

Acoustic Energy has a brand new replacement for the famous AE1 in its Mk III series. I am looking for a top-quality minimonitor to use with a pair of Velodyne DD-12s. My other candidates are:

Paradigm Signature S2
GR-Research Criterion

You can check the on-line review at http://www.enjoythemusic.com/ for the review of the speakers.

There also was a review of them on HiFi Choice Magazine a few issues back that you can check out.
Here is the link:
Thanks Andy, I have read those reviews; I was looking for users' reviews and I hope there are a few users out there.
I heard them with a all tube set up,all British units.....if your using the orginial AE1's as a comparison the MKIII goes way deeper and tighter than the legendary Phil Jones monitors but it also conveys a slightly more colder foot print compared to the originals,width and depth is just as detailed as the AE1's but its much more aligned compared to the orginials which sometimes has a tendency to wander abit.Speed and upper registries was the same,didnt hear any extra micro dynamics with the MKIII,both convey speed and control like a good pair of ESL...excellent bloom around passenges with a very dynamic magically midrange...does it sound better than the orginial AE1?...yes but only controlling the lower cycles and keeping the orginial magically midrange and focus..would I spend $5000cdn for a pair..no..would I buy the orginial AE1 and mate them with superior tubes amps..absolutely...thats my opinion...