Has anybody listened to the Klipsch Cornwall IV speakers?

Steve Guttenberg Audiophiliac gives the Cornwall IV very high praise. Just wonder ing if any Audiogon folks have auditioned them. For $6,000 per pair are there better options.  
I've heard them and they sound great. They certainly have plenty of competition for 6K, but Klipsch Heritage stuff beats most hands down for efficiency. I have a pair of Heresy IIIs that look positively tiny relative to the Cornwalls, but still have that efficiency driven immediacy you only get from well designed horn speakers.
The Cornwall IV was on my short list recently and I still "wonder" about them since I didn't get to demo. If you're willing to live with a speaker that size, I would put the Tannoy Legacy Arden in the same category and am pleased as can be with my pair. They retail a little higher, but can be found for the same money as the IV. I still intend to demo the Cornwall just to satisfy my what if curiosity.

Klipsch Heritage items (and others) are absolutely considered "high end" and will reveal the shortcomings of a weak front end, as well as make music from well sorted gear choices...I was very surprised when I heard Heresy IIIs as I hadn't paid much attention to Klipsch stuff over the years, but was looking for efficiency to get more mojo from a fave little tube amp...I'd bought a pair of well regarded efficient (not Klipsch) towers and wasn't getting them to sound right, and after hearing a pair of Heresies I found some new ones on line for 1500 clams. Actual clams, so that part was a bit messy, but man...what a dynamo of dynamite dynamics and supremely coherent sound...2 subs makes everything better for these (new Heresy IVs have more low end but subs still should be tried) but man...GREAT stuff. Besides, you tired of "cones in a box with a tweeter?" Try something different that really works.
I've got the IV's and they are beautifully stunning. Matched with a great amp they are near perfect. But, your ears are not mine.