Has anybody listened to Jenna modified Atma Sphere's?

Has anybody listened to Jenna Labs modified Atma Sphere's? How do they compare? Are they the same, better, or mixed?

Thank you
Jaime Candelario
I have and they are much more musical. Every note seems to have more body to it. Which Atma's are you talking about? Which mod are you considering (Front end rebuild, total rewire, etc.)?
Hi Jtinn:
I am considering the M-60. Which unit do you have? On the unit you have, did you loose anything with the mods? Did you ever compared it directly to the original? AS far as which mods, I an trying to figure out how far to go. Have you listened to the total rewire rebuild. What did you gain?

Thanks for your answers
I believe Jenna offers a complete change in front-end, as well as wiring. The change may include conversion to mini-tubes in replacement of 6SN7s. I am also quite curious to learn of the sonic changes. I have a pair of MA2-Mk2s. I spoke to Jennifer at brief about the changes. She states they are not subtle. Brings the musicality to that reported of the Tenors. With the Atma-sphere already being so musical and alive sounding, a modification, without a demonstration scares me.
The mods are excellent and a huge improvement. They are worth the money and the wait to have them done. Everything she does to them makes a big difference. The wire, the rebuilt front end, etc.

As far as bringing them close to the Tenor's, I would have to say that her mods bring them closer to the musicality of the Tenor's, but are still not close. The Tenor's are in a different league than anything I have ever heard.

As I stated earlier, the improvements are dramatic and if you plan on keeping the Atma-sphere's, I would urge you to get them done. I personally would prefer to have Jennifer's modified Atma-sphere's than Ralph's latest generation of amps.

Siddh: What speakers do you have?