Has anybody investigated the fidelity of different hearing aids?

I just got a pair, and all of a sudden those upper levels of treble are back in spades, but sometimes, too much so. I can adjust the tone to reduce the high tone hash, but they really play havoc with "high fidelity". Your experiences, tweaks, etc. would be appreciated.
Do a search on hearing aids (above, in the search discussions) and you'll find lots of posts on the subject. I remember one having a discussion on various models of hearing aids and what members did to help adjust to them. I can't for the life of me remember which one but it would be worth it to skim through them.

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Thanks for the heads-up Nonoise.
I did a ton of research for my dad and learned a lot from a guy I worked with.  You are fighting multiple issues, volume loss and frequency loss.  If you saw an audiologist, you should know exactly which frequencies you are lacking and how much.  Expensive hearing aids can be designed to compensate but that's a lot of money.  

An equalizer is a cheaper solution.  The problem there is the sound will be horrific to anyone without your challenges.  My dad was killing people with this.

Option 2 is decent headphones with our without your hearing aids.

Option 3 is where both my dad and co-worker landed.  Dad used TV Ears brand headphones for TV.  It sounded fine to him and he stopped blowing our head off.  TV Ears run mono and are mainly midrange.  The mono aspect takes away imaging but if your ears are unbalanced it can do wonders.

My co-worker, decided he loved Bose.  I know they are evil but all they push is midrange really.  Great compromise.  You don't know what you are missing if it's not there...

Hope this helps.