Has anybody imported used equipment into the US?

I'm looking at a pair of used speakers for more than $20,000. HHow has it been dealing with customs? About how much did you pay, and did it take awhile til the speakers were released?

Of coarse you'll pay duty on gear imported that wasn't built in North America. You'll also take a risk as they may indeed unpackage them for examination. I believe the last thing I bought had a duty of 9 or 10 percent. That's a drop in the bucket when it comes to 20k for speakers. Why put it all there? After looking at your system. You could scale back and make other areas better. Then again considering "money no object". It's yours and have fun spending it as you choose!
Well, I try to buy smart. If I don't like things, I can usually sell them for at or just below what I paid. These speakers, plus shipping plus duty, aren't all that far from what a demo pair would cost me here. Demos also come with warranties. Sorry you don't like my taste. Actually, I really don't care.

Nice system -- just as it is actually. Are you going to replace your main speakers? What with?

Frankly, if the price between the imported used pair and the domestic demo pair is close as you say, I think you remove a lot of risk categories by buying locally -- and if something needs remedy, recourse is much easier.
Depending upon the shipping company, you may have to fill out a "Temporary Importer" form, as required by the Patriot Act. They will ask for your SS#, and a few other bits of info, and your shipment will be released only when they have the completed form.

Nice system, by the way.

Did I say "nice"? I meant INCREDIBLE!
Try: http://www.customs.gov/xp/cgov/import Here you can decipher the duty rates per country for imports into the United States.
I'm switching to MBL 101e's.

I imported an amplifier, not a pair of speakers. Obviously, from a perspective of size, weight, etc., it would be much easier than what you will be faced with.

Still, the brokerage fees and duties were applicable. For audio electronics, the tariff is 4.9%, though speakers may be on a different rate, which you can look up via the link generously provided by Zeneith. I hear that speakers shipped as "cabinets", and having no drivers mounted and things like that come in as "furniture", and the tariff on that is supposedly negligible. In your case, as with most people, it is not applicable, unfortunately.

My transaction was handled by FedEX, and I must say I was more than happy with their service. I provided my SSN to the seller, along with the extra funds related to the tariffs. They handled getting it through Customs. The package was being delivered from the Toronto area to me, just outside of Philadelphia. It was shipped at about 6:30 PM Wednesday night, and was on my doorstep before 10 AM Friday.

A couple weeks later, FedEX sent me a bill for their brokerage fees. The rates were provided to me prior to shipment; I considered them reasonable enough to go through with the whole thing. Unlike some of the horror stories, there were no surprises regarding the brokerage fees and the like down the road.

I was luckier than many I read about here. All in all, it was a superlative transaction. I would say that the most important thing is to do your homework prior to committing to anything, make sure you have all of the information up front, and finally, having a partner just as diligent as you on the other side of the deal can be the difference between things going right or not.
David awesome system!I can't help you on the import issue but how much for the Temptations?
Hi All,
Thanks for your help. After looking at all the data, customs, local taxes, warehousing, and an extremely unhelpful customs agent, I think that it's not worth the hassle and expense.

That's sorta what I tried to express ;--)