Has anybody heard the Von Schweikert VR-7SE's

Hi, I've heard the VR-9SE's, extremely impressive, but the 7's may be more in price range if they can give me most of what the 9's do?

I have the 7 se's for about 3 weeks and the sound is absolutlely the best I could ask for. Call Kevin at Von Schweikert since he developed both speakers. I believe the ribbon,tweeter,and midrange are the same in both speakers.I have a fairly large room and sound fills the room with ease and is never fatigueing. The bass is deep,fast and taut without being overwhelming. You won't go wrong with these.
Snook2, Thanks for your response. You must be one of the first who have these babies. When we heard the 9's it was just crazy how REAL they sounded.
Can you give me some info on the 7's, dimensions, make up, finish, etc.....
If your interested I have a picture with VR7's near a pair of VR9's with a pair of VR11's in the background. The VR7's are not finished, but you'll get an idea of the actual difference.
Geoh, If you go to Von Scweikert's website you will get all the info. I have the first pair and can bet their will be quite a few more sold. The only drawback for me was getting them out of the crates.Even they were handbuilt. After taking about 300 hundred screws out of the plywood you will have to move them. At 350 lbs. each it is a chore. Well worth the effort.
What amp are you currently using with the VR-7's.
How large is your room. I went over to the website,
checked them out very impressive, but no msrp
on the VR-7.
Jjtoma My amps are Manley 250's and my room is 25x32 and 12 foot cathedral ceiling. After 10 years of hi end speakers these are the first to deliver an accurate and nonfatigueing sound in a large room. I will give a review in a few weeks.