Has anybody heard the new Mcintosh MC302/MC452?

Has anybody heard the new Mcintosh MC302/MC452?
Are they even shipping yet? I saw the product cards at RMAF but none on display. I was disappointed that Ron Cornelious said the 302 like the 252 will still no have the double balanced circuit. I have a 402 and would like to hear the 452 but doubt there will not be much difference. I had a 352 and the 402 added a newer power supply design which does sound better, so maybe other than an added 50W they might have done something there.
Mc has published a magazine ad for the C50 and MC452 but have not included these products on their website at this time! I doubt they are shipping.
I hope this lowers resale on the MCD402!
MC402 on Ebay was around $3500.
The MC452 was shipping in October. Heard it at the RMAF but cannot comment on its sound.