Has anybody heard the new Emerald Physics CS-2.3

Hello all:

I currently own the CS-2's and have been in touch with Walter at Underwood in regards to the significant sonic up grade over the old model that the 2.3’s offer. Just curious if anybody has a pair yet since they have just become available and can share some light on the subject of their audio improvements.

Happy listening,

Nobody has heard these? No comparisons to the CS2's?
I'm thinking about purchasing a pair but would like to hear some feedback as well.
I wish I could help you. I want to hear them also, but since they're not available through any dealers in Los Angeles, I have to wait until some local gregarious audiophile allows me to hear his (hers?) No, that's just a fantasy. I like the fact that you only need a stereo amp or two monoblocs, but am curious whether they would require a sub woof in a 5000 cf room. Thoughts?
thanks, howartcow