Has anybody heard the new Classe CDP 100

I would be very interested in the opinions of anybody who has heard this new Classe' CD player.

very musical. to me, it sounds very similar to my classe cdp 1.5 cd player. i'm not sure about the new rounded look for the amps and cd player. they also raised the price of all their components. i don't see a need to upgrade my classe components just yet.
From what I understand this was a Canadian Company... Recently bought by the owners of Rotel and B&W... I don't like the rounded face either, neither do I with the new Plinius gear... I heard this player at Stereo Exchange in NYC yesterday in an all Classe and B&W system... The highs seemed a bit rolled off, which I personally don't like... However I don't know which piece (or combination of) was responsible... I only gave it a 1 song listen.. I'm also not a fan of the touch screen display... Just my opinion though..
MDP0430, what was the supporting gear in your audition? I listened with a CAP-2100/B&W 802, which did not yield a roll-off in my opinion. The bass was not as tight as I would like, but as I have ordered the CA-2200 to couple with my 803's, I expect that will be remedied.

Strangely, I like the design of the new line as well as the touch screens. Was anyone able to determine whose transport they are using? Just curious, as there doesn't seem to be a lot of available info on the entire line.