Has anybody heard the Grado Platinum V2 Reference?

How does it compare with previous versions? Is it still as sweet and musical?

How about the Platinum 1 vs. the original?
Yes I have one mounted on a sumiko arm running on a sota Sapphire TT, 
Cambridge Audio integrated amp, Lounge Audio pre preamp and Paradigm studio 60's 
Have about 50 hours, and it is getting better, the guys at the Needle Doctor said it would be 75 to 100 hrs
I have owned other Grado's and they are not overly bright 
Still a dark cartridge , very musical, great imaging, sound stage etc, but not a lot of zing, there is good air around the instruments but the cymbals don't really come alive 
I had a Ortofon X3 turbo high output moving coil prior