Has anybody heard the FIM power cords?

How good are these new power cords?
Best I have used. They are very stiff though. Alot better than the Top of the line NBS I used to have. That said.
Best power cord I have ever heard period. I was about to buy about 4 of the new KC v.2 power cords when I did a comparison, I'll say it again.., it made the King Cobra version 2's sound like a $30.00 power cord. My system is going to soon be using all FIM power cords.
Where does one purchase the FIM PC's and how much ($)?
Power cords start at around USD775 for the silver version. Most Avalon dealers carry them in the USA
The FIM gold PC retails for $1200. I own two king cobra's, two cobra's and will have another FIM gold PC soon.Is the FIM is as good as the king cobra? Yes. In your system it could make your KC sound like a $30 PC. I could live with either one. The FIM is almost half the price as the new king cobra. If I were starting over I would opt for the FIM. Either PC will bring out the full potential of your system. These PCs have made the biggest improvement I have ever heard in an audio system.
I saw a responce on PCs from mikeam. Hey mikeam. Maybe FIM should change there name to mongoose. Very good. Mikeam, have you heard FIMs IC or spk cable. I forgot to mention the FIM is very very stiff. Takes some time to twist and bend cable in place. A great big hassle but well worth it.
I tried s handful of ower cables, but none extracted the sonic improvements of the FIMs. I have "formed" two into my system for mono blocks. Ten day to two week break-in period for much of it's realization. Can't say enough about improvement through power cord upgrades, especially the FIMs. I retained the Fatboy powering my preamp. It is also an excellent piece. For digital, the Electraglide PT has suited well. I have not sampled Shunyatas, but all feedback leads me to believe there is no need. The FIMs may be stiff, but with patience they shaped beautifully. Top-notch product.
yes, these are the finest cables in the history of hi-end audio!! thats why I became a dealer. we are now stocking the FIM cables. anyone interested please contact brian at (949)362-6080. our website is: aaudio.com , FIM is not on the website yet, but will be soon.
Brulee, thanks. To answer your question, yes I have heard a systme composed of the Marantz SACD player, the new Talons Khorus speakers and Tube Research gear using all FIM IC's and SpkrCbl.. The sound..breathtaking. The IC's and Speaker cable are as capable as the PC's, but be warned...they are very very stiff. That shouldn't be to big of a problem because once you bend them to shape, I really don't see the need to continue moving them. I am starting out with the PC's to my amps and pre because that is where I noticed the largest effect. Best regards, Mike
FYI, eAudioNet.com is providing the home auditioning of the FIM cables. If you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact Wen-Li at (518)782-5489. We also have lots of high-end cables for your selection and are pleased to answer all kinds of your questions. We are glad that two of our customers' postings here are happy about the FIM cables. Welcome to visit our website at http://www.eAudioNet.com Thank you.
Everyone says they are good. But what does that mean? How does the sound change when these are introduced into the system? What equipment are you running them with? Without this type of information these posts are not very revealing.
Hi Rayhall. FIM PCs have a wide, deep soundstage. Transparency is the best I have heard. Images have a solidity that has to be heard. Detailing is incredible. Listning to these PCs is an experiance. Could be the best upgrade you could ever make. A review of these PCs is not enough. You audition them you will buy them.
The FIM cables ARE undoubtedly the best on the market. Dynamic, incredible soundstage, bass extention and incredible focus are all improved.