Has anybody heard the Dynaudio Evoke 50?

A friend is looking at maybe the Special 40 monitor ($3,000/pair) or maybe the new Evoke 50 floorstander ($5000).

Any thoughts on the Evoke 50 would be appreciated.  His room is on the medium/small side -- maybe 14 x 16 feet, but ceiling is 9.5 feet.
Thats not too large of a room.  I always prefer going up the to the next range but smaller, if that makes sense.

For instance, if the Special 40 fills the room / pressurizes the room to satisfying levels, I’d take the Special 40 over the Evoke 50 simply because the Special 40 has a esotar tweeter vs esotec.

Price is another factor.  It looks like Evoke 50’s are $5000.  I’d pick up some Special 40’s usedfor $2200 and spend another $2k ona pair of Rythmiks...
djverne68, could you tell us more about what you mean by “pass on the special 40”? That would be helpful.  
Thank you.  
Will be purchasing evoke 50 soon.
i never been so god smacked as I was when I put the emits 20 in to my system .. everything sounded just right! That entry level Dynaudio blew me away and instantly replaced my 4 times expensive Focals.