Has anybody heard the B&W PV-1 Subwoofer

Fellow Audio Lovers
Has anybody actually seen or heard B&W's latest subwoofer the PV-1? This is the "round shaped one" that has gotten some good reviews in Europe, and was supposed to be released here in the U.S. during the summer. It was to have retailed for approxiamently $1500.00. Which type of speakers is it meant to go with ? satellites, full range? etc. Any input would be helpful.
The PV-1 is part of the FPM (Flat Panel monitor) series.
I saw it at a local dealer and it looks and feels pretty solid. Never heard it as it wasn't connected though.
It is slightly larger than a bowling ball.
Well that's a start.... it does exist!!! Now has anybody heard it. My local B&W Dealer doesn't carry it. Thanks Fife for the info