Has anybody heard of the Conrad Johnson Premier 1b

I desparately need some information on the Conrad Johnson 1B. Is it good ? Any bad points? Why did they change from the 6550 valve in the Premier 1 to the EL 34 in the Premier 1B. What are the best EL34's to use. Also best 5751 & 6FQ7
I believe the Premier 1 B still uses 6550's. It's the 1 C that used the 34's. Also, the 6550's kicked out 250 watts per channel whereas I believe the 1 C, if I recall correctly had 150 or 175 watts per channel.

The reason they switched to the 34's was that it was a more common tube, cheaper, and more well known for audio applications.

I had the 1 B with the 6550's. Right now I'm loaning it to a buddy on the other side of the country. In spite of its age, it is still a remarkably wonderful sounding amplifier. Bass is deep and well controlled and detailed. Midrange is smooth, detailed, and sweet. Ah, female vocals! Highs are accurate and extended. Cymbals sound like cymbals.

The only reason I'm not using the amp, I live in a warm climate. That thing is like having a campfire burning. When I lived in NJ, I kept it down my basement, and it effectively kept away cold and dampness. After all, with 12 6550's burning, there's lots of watts of heat generated.

Its probably best to get the 5751's from Conrad Johnson, and while you're at it, get the 6FQ7's there too. Reasonably priced, and they burn them in, so you're more apt to get a tube that's going to work well.

By the way, the amp takes 1 full hour to sound like live music. In 2 hours, you're in nirvana.

I hope I've helped you.