has anybody else noticed this about flac audio?

o.k are you ready for some truth friends ? flac has compression levels from 0 to 8 with the official flac default level being 5. now flac is lossless compression so there should be no sound loss from the original source no matter what compression level you use however if you encode the same song using every different flac compression level even though they will all be lossless there absolutely is a difference in the overall sound including tone and sound stage from level to level and doing your own test will only prove me right. now here’s where it gets strange? vintage vinyl has stereo + stereo depth perception (3d sound stage).digital audio has stereo + mono depth perception (2d sound stage) and this includes all new remastered vinyl cut from the digital master. this is why digital audio does not sound like vintage vinyl along with brick wall compression.i find it odd that the only flac compression level not recommended as a default no matter what software you use is flac compression level 4 ? it just so happens that re-encoding digital audio to flac with compression level 4 converts digital mono depth perception back into digital stereo depth perception (3d sound stage) just like vintage vinyl! and i don’t think this is by mistake friends ? do your own test and get ready to have your mind blown. here is an audio sample: level 5 http://pc.cd/pCcrtalK level 4 http://pc.cd/iVWrtalK
At some point, I compared AIFF, WAV, FLAC (even a few levels), and a format or two more. I thought I could relatively consistently notice difference between DSD and others except 24/192 PCM (like from DVD-Audio). It was not a blind test of any sorts, but just a casual comparison in some spare time. I could not discern between AIFF, WAV, and any of the FLACs with any consistency. There were differences, but I could not be sure next time around so it is not worth mentioning.

What I did, and still do, notice is that CD always sounds "better" in its physical format when compared to the FLAC rip of itself played from a dedicated music server via the same DAC.

I fixed that problem by not playing CDs anymore so I do not compare anymore. The difference, if it actually exists in reality, is small enough that, without comparison, I do not feel I am missing anything while convenience is incomparably on the side of rips.

Older vinyl records do sound different to me, at least most of the time, but is it better depends on how much you like that particular "sound signature". I happen to like it on some of the days and cannot care less about it on other days. It may be my hardware, but vinyl transferred into a digital format never sounds the same as the original. But, it fits in a Walkman, SD card, and wherever else, while not being horrible. What is there not to like?
Digital has come a long way in a relatively short time. Older digital isn't anywhere as good as what we are offered now. My favourite recent example is The Beatle's remixes. It is possibly not the file compression but the original source.
I can use XreCode3 to pick any of 0 thru 8.  Tell me again why I should hear a difference anywhere close to the difference in every recording 
2nd example better in my system. Macbook Air.
lossless is lossless
exactly the same information == same sound