Has Anybody Else Heard These?

My new Hi-Fi reference for a reason: Totem Tribe tower loudspeakers defies physics - YouTube

Are they as good as he says?

If you have heard them, what's your take?
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Most quality speakers can be improved by upgrading the crossover components, ripping out whatever filling has been used and replacing it.
If you want the magic of holographic soundstages of a realistic size then the ideal speaker is a single driver dipolar line source. No crossover, unified dispersion, magic. Doesn't exist.
Yes it does. Check out the drivers from Lil Audio that are used in their Crystal 10 speaker. Single coaxial driver, no crossover, very high sensitivity, unique cabinetry to control back wave without stuffing, and decent low end extension. Decware sells them and they match well with their 2 watt SET amps.

Looks like no one has heard the Tribes yet, still a pretty new model I guess.

I was going to go and check out millercarbon Moab's but my trip got cut short and have now decided they are to HUGE for our house! The Tribes looked like a more of a natural fit for us (or something more along their size), just need to have a listen. 

jchiappinelli, Interesting response to mijostyn. I will check out the Crystal 10.
I had not heard of the Tribe Tower but did some reading just now.  I wonder how two 4” mid/bass drivers can reproduce the full range of music that larger drivers can.  The bass is said to be impressive given the small size.  I just can’t imagine such an arrangement competing with some of the better loudspeakers — and at $5,000 for the pair, there are a lot of speakers to compare.  I would be interested in hearing back from any of you that audition these.