Has Anybody Else Heard These?

My new Hi-Fi reference for a reason: Totem Tribe tower loudspeakers defies physics - YouTube

Are they as good as he says?

If you have heard them, what's your take?
I have not heard those particular speakers but every totem I heard had a too hot treble.  Definitely not for me.    
I owned a pair of Totem Fire monitors for several years and enjoyed them very much.
Supposedly, Totem's newer series have a completely different (better?) sound signature than some of their previous lines. I am trying to locate a dealer who has these in stock to have a listen for myself.
I have a pair of Totem Mani-2 stand-mount monitors which I have owned for many years. Totem seems to know how to extract pretty amazing bass out of a small enclosure. My little Mani-2s play down to 30Hz with authority. Downside is that they suck power. 

The Tribes seem to have a bit better efficiency (and a significantly larger enclosure). Definitely worth a listen I think.
It is all about color. What color do you like? Bright pink or soft amethyst. 
The real magic in a loudspeaker has little to do with magnitude. You can EQ the magnitude response of any speaker to mimic any other loudspeaker but that will not change the imaging or soundstage at all. A multitude of drivers and the obligatory crossovers do everything in their power to destroy imaging and soundstage. If you like the color of the Totems then they might be the speaker for you but they will never come close to the ideal, neither will any Wilson for that matter. If you want the magic of holographic soundstages of a realistic size then the ideal speaker is a single driver dipolar line source. No crossover, unified dispersion, magic. Doesn't exist. But you can move towards that ideal. 
Dynamic speakers are all about color because they have nothing else to offer. They will never captivate you like other formats. Once you have the image and soundstage you can always adjust the color to preference but you can't take a loudspeaker with the right color and make it produce a life sized holographic image.   
The various Ohm Walsh speakers are imaging/soundstage champions! They function like a spherical point source. They come closer than any box speaker to being the ideal speaker. I own an older pair of the Sound Cylinders. Bass from the downward-firing 8-inch Walsh driver is very impressive!
 mijostyn, very enlightening, thank you for your insight.

stereo5, when I find a pair, I will definitely listen!
jasonbourne52, Ohm Walsh are definitely on my radar. I was trying to find an inexpensive pair to purchase just to get a handle on their house sound. They seem to be very difficult to come by used,  maybe that’s a good sign?
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Most quality speakers can be improved by upgrading the crossover components, ripping out whatever filling has been used and replacing it.
If you want the magic of holographic soundstages of a realistic size then the ideal speaker is a single driver dipolar line source. No crossover, unified dispersion, magic. Doesn't exist.
Yes it does. Check out the drivers from Lil Audio that are used in their Crystal 10 speaker. Single coaxial driver, no crossover, very high sensitivity, unique cabinetry to control back wave without stuffing, and decent low end extension. Decware sells them and they match well with their 2 watt SET amps.

Looks like no one has heard the Tribes yet, still a pretty new model I guess.

I was going to go and check out millercarbon Moab's but my trip got cut short and have now decided they are to HUGE for our house! The Tribes looked like a more of a natural fit for us (or something more along their size), just need to have a listen. 

jchiappinelli, Interesting response to mijostyn. I will check out the Crystal 10.
I had not heard of the Tribe Tower but did some reading just now.  I wonder how two 4” mid/bass drivers can reproduce the full range of music that larger drivers can.  The bass is said to be impressive given the small size.  I just can’t imagine such an arrangement competing with some of the better loudspeakers — and at $5,000 for the pair, there are a lot of speakers to compare.  I would be interested in hearing back from any of you that audition these. 
I have the Tribe Tower's little cousin, the Arro tower.  One.  single 4" driver with a tweeter.  There is bass down to 40 Hz, I could not believe what I was hearing.  The bass is because Totem has perfected the speaker cabinet with a hand made design and technology instead of stuffing the cabinet with filler that has a detrimental effect on the sound.  Interlocking mitred joints with glue instead of screws.  Borosilicate damping instead of stuffing the cabinets.  Fibre board that is denser on the outside of the cabinet to help contain the bass.  

These speakers image like nothing I have heard.  They put to shame my Kef Q750, which has 3 drivers and 2 passive radiators.  Also, my other Totem speakers, the Rainmaker and Dreamcatcher, both have more bass than anything out there in with the same driver sizes.  And they both image better, disappear and give one an emotional connection to the music.

So I'm not surprised to hear that the Tribe Tower has lots of bass for its size, or sounds otherwise amazing.  This is Totem's calling card.  And the above commentary about crossovers having detrimental effects on "imaging and soundstage"?

Obviously Mijo knows nothing about the Tribe Towers.    The bass drivers connect directly to the amp, and roll off naturally to the tweeter's range.  The tweeter has a very simple design that is wired point to point, rather than on a circuit board, so there is almost no crossover whatsoever.  Every detail matters.  Timing and phase, Totem pays attention to every detail.   
@213runnin -- I was impressed by the Arros as well. Amazing sound from that slim floor stander. 
Those little drivers seems to be hopping around in the video. I don’t know how loud he listens, but I’m not sure how they stay linear and low distortion pumping like mad. 
213runnin, does the single driver of your Arros' pulsate in the same fashion as the Tribes do in the video, and if so, at what volume? 
The Arro driver is a completely different one that is not long throw, nor is it designed or made by Totem.  The Arro takes up to 80 watts only, while the Tribe Tower handles up to 200 watts.   
So no, the Arro driver doesn’t move as the ones in the Tribes can do.  That said, I have a 250 wpc amp on the Arros at present.  I only take them up to peaks of about 85 db or so, which is just a few watts at my seating position.  The sound, however, is amazing with the better produced music.  I should say I also have a tube preamp in the mix as well.  
Jay falls for the "item of the week" regularly.
Are you new to following him?

I think he hears well and describes well.

His show needs a maturation process to become believable.

That's how I see it.

That said I still want to hear the Tribe someday. 
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chorus, Yes, then it was all about hair color. A week after that it was the Totem Element V2. Is it flavour of the week, flavour of the day? I see where you’re coming from.
Most of those YouTube reviewers have the same motivation.  New reviews regularly, to up the content on their channel, and generate views/cash.

But Totem is the real deal.  Whether those speakers are ideal for you, only you can say.  
I've used a Totem Tribe V mounted horizontally beneath my flatscreen as a center channel speaker.  It is simply wonderful and it blends in quite nicely with my other speakers, Ohm H's.  Well made and beautifully finished and very small and elegant.  But the sound is not compromised.  Wonderful clarity, transparency, and excellent mid bass.  My lower frequencies are routed to subwoofers by my receiver.  However, these speakers are quite bass capable as well.
ronginsberg, good to know. Ohm H's, that's a classic! 
I was giving some thoughts to Ohm's as well.